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New Safety Standards for your Rental Accommodation

Are you renting out your accommodation short term? Here's the new safety standards to be aware of.

What is Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA)?

On 9 April 2021, the NSW government announced a new state-wide policy for Short Term Rental Accommodation ("STRA"), meaning you'll have to implement some important safety updates if you haven't already. We at Snowy Electrical Services can assist you in these updates from installing smoke alarms to ensuring compliance with the new STRA safety standards.

STRA refers to a dwelling being used by the 'host' to provide accommodation commercially for a temporary or short-term period. STRA is often facilitated by online booking programs like Stayz, Airbnb and The changes clarify that STRA activities of 3 months or more are not agreements covered by the Residential Tenancy framework.

The new rules took effect on 1 November 2021.

Can I undertake STRA in my dwelling?

STRA can be undertaken in lawfully constructed dwellings used for the purpose of residential accommodation in all land use zones in which dwellings are currently permissible.

Typical residential accommodation dwelling types include:

  • a dwelling house (e.g. a detached house);

  • an attached dwelling;

  • a dual occupancy;

  • multi-dwelling housing;

  • a residential flat building/block of flats;

  • a granny flat or secondary dwelling;

  • a semi-detached dwelling; and

  • shop top housing.

For clarity, it is not permissible in the following dwelling types:

  • a boarding house;

  • a group home;

  • a hostel;

  • a rural workers' dwelling;

  • seniors housing;

  • moveable dwellings;

  • camping grounds;

  • a caravan park;

  • an eco-tourist park;

  • refuge or crisis accommodation; or

  • tourist/visitor accommodation.

Fire Safety Standards for STRA dwellings

STRA guests face additional safety risks than those of permanent residents as they are unfamiliar with their surroundings and the dwelling. The new Fire Safety Standards for STRA dwellings help to reduce the risks.

For all dwellings, the new safety standards for STRA dwellings require:

  • Installation of either main powered or long life sealed battery smoke alarms in every bedroom, hallway associated with a bedroom and each storey not containing bedrooms.

  • Smoke alarms that are compliant with AS 3786

  • Smoke alarms that are interconnected where there is more than one alarm

  • An evacuation plan with evacuation signage and an exit system with the 000 number and the Emergency + App.

For dwellings in multi-unit buildings only, the standards require:

  • Entry doors should be openable from inside the dwelling without a key

  • Installation of fire blanket and fire extinguisher in the kitchen

For standalone dwellings only, the standards require:

  • Installation of heat alarms in garages located beneath dwellings. This would be required only where the garage is not accessible to guests


Should you need help complying with the new standards or would like our assistance with the installation of fire alarms, fire blankets, fire extinguishers and safety signage, connect with us. You can call us on 0400 128 710 or email us at

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